Black Fish season is upon us and the blues and bass have finally showed up!

Good evening, just wanted to let everyone know that we are done with the boat rentals for this year and we will start up with them in the spring…just too much north winds kept them from getting out!

The fishing is good right now for sea bass and black fish is starting and the blue fish and stripe bass and false albacore are here in Port Jefferson and so is the squid they are off all the beaches and you can catch them off your boat or down at Stony Brook off the pier by the Stony Brook Yacht Club…not by the boats in the marina (you have to have consideration for the boat owners) go where the channel is.  The beach fishing right now for the blues and bass is fantastic, they are chasing all the shiners and peanut bunker and squid…pencil poppers, diamond jigs, poppers and anything basically you can throw at them will work.


The porgy fishing has slowed down, but we will see what happens the next couple of days with the nice weather ahead….