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Fluke, Porgies & Stripebass are around the Port Jeff area!

Well we are hearing of quite a bit of fluke action in our area, but lot’s of shorts! A few people have seen and weighed in some big one’s….We weighed in up to 6lbs caught by the Cirolli family which keep’s their boat next to us by the Boat Place and the also weighed in […]


Fishing Season 2018 we are now OPEN!

We are now open for the 2018 fishing Season please call for our hours as of right now! j Fluke fishing is now open and  We saw some keeper Fluke today and it was a good opening day. We have all the bait and tackle you need!  We are not doing Boat Rentals this year […]


Big Fluke have arrived in Port Jefferson along with porgies, blue fish and stripe bass and lot’s of sea bass around for opening day on June 27th!

Well summer was here for a few day’s, a little too hot but the fish are here and the bait is here!  All we need is for the people to be able to get out there and fish!  The fluke this week have weighed in up to 9lbs and large porgies are abundant and the […]


Well the summer weather is here, so get out there! Fluke, Porgies, Blue Fish and Stripe Bass and plenty of Sea bass to come on June 27th!!!

Good Evening well the fish are here and the porgies are moving into the Old Field Area for the summer and some nice size one’s as well!  Also plenty of fluke, lot’s of short’s and some beautiful keeper’s too!  Also some cocktail bluefish and some beautiful stripe bass as well up to 25lbs weighed in […]


Porgies at Old Field Light House, early this year and fluke at Mt. Misery and stripe bass and blue fish!!!

My11 gosh is this year starting off good..Lot’s of porgies at Old Field Point nice size and also Fluke at Mt Misery and Stripe Bass drifting diamond jigging at Buoy 11 and some blue fish too and also some bunker around too!  There are also some porgies in the harbor and Stripe bass in the narrows […]


Porgies, Sea bass and Blackfish and blue fish and stripe bass! What more can you ask for??

The fishing is great, but unfortunately the weather has been very windy every weekend for quite a while and that is why I haven’t posted a report….but it look’s like we might get a break tomorrow and Friday and Old Field Point and Crane Neck have been awesome for porgies and sea bass.  If you […]


Port Jefferson a great place to fish or just enjoy the beautiful Harbor and scenery we have in this area!

Well hello again, it’s been a little while since I did an update on the fishing in our area and the boating!  The fact is the heat did me in and there was no energy left in me to come home and do a report which is sad…but the heat was a little too much […]


Come visit Port Jefferson where the fishing is great and beautiful to take a nice boat around the area as well!

The fishing today was great lot’s of porgies and sea bass and there are also stripe bass, blue fish and some nice fluke still around our area…Come rent a boat for fishing or just a nice day on the water with your family for some swimming and seeing the area from a boat’s view! We […]


Porgy & Sea Bass fishing is fantastic and there are blue fish, stripe bass and fluke!

Well another great day out on the water, porgies are abundant and beautiful in size, the sea bass fishing in middle grounds is crazy with clams and there are bunker, blue fish and stripe bass around it can’t get much better then that except we are seeing numerous fluke come in and ranging from 3lbs […]


Port Jefferson is Porgy City and a lot of other fish as well!

Well summer is here, the porgies are in and are beautiful and the sea bass are here as well along with stripe bass and blues and still seeing fluke!  As a matter of fact weighed in my first double digit fluke this morning, which tipped the scale at 10 lbs and also a nice stripe […]