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Porgies, Sea Bass, Blues, Stripe Bass and Fluke and Bunker plentiful!!!

Well today did not feel like summer but the fishing was good. We even got to see a nice keeper fluke and porgies and that was with an east wind. The fish are here, porgies and sea bass are at Old Field and Crane Neck and middle grounds if you have a big enough boat. […]


Beautiful big Porgies, Sea bass is open and still fluke, blues and stripe bass!

Good Evening well let me tell you the porgy fishing is great, lot’s of blue fish around and they are the perfect size for smoking and eating…make your favorite fish dip. Also lot’s of stripe bass so many that one boat rental was catching 2 at a time on their porgy rigs at Old Field […]


Port Jefferson, Porgies, Fluke, Sea Bass, Blues & Stripe Bass and can’t wait for opening day of Sea Bass June 27th!

Good Evening and wanting wish all you guy’s out there a very happy Father’s Day! The fishing is awesome plenty of nice size Porgies, blues and stripe bass…looking forward to a great summer of fishing hoping to see a school of bigger fluke mover into the area! There are lot’s of short’s but you really […]


Fluke Bite is Picking UP….small porgies around Port Jefferson Waiting for the Big Ones to Arrive!

We saw a lot of nice fluke today, finally a half way decent amount of keeper’s caught…very happy to see that!  Some porgies around but mostly small, I’m guessing another week till those bigger ones move in.  All the Boat Rentals are in the water and ready to go! Looking forward to seeing you this […]


Blue fish, stripe bass, fluke and some porgies in Port Jefferson!

Well a beautiful day today not much of a drift for fluking but the fish are starting to really move in.  There were blue fish everywhere and so bigger fluke are starting to move in.  Porgies are taking their old sweet time to be around all the time every day but they are coming.  Also […]


Fluke, Bass, Blue’s and porgies are all starting to show! Look’s like a good year ahead for Sea Bass once the Season Open’s!

Well Memorial Day Weekend is over and we had a few boat rentals out this weekend!  We saw fluke up to 5lbs, we saw some porgies, but nothing crazy yet and it should get better every week.  Blue’s jumping in the harbor and stripe bass are starting to show at Buoy 11 on diamond jigs and […]


Store Hours!!

Starting this weekend we will open at 7am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 4pm…..During the week 7am – 5pm daily!  If it’s a bad weather day just give us a call and make sure we are there because otherwise we will run down and meet you there!  631-473-2288  Always remember that […]


Fluke are in Port Jefferson & Porgies should be arriving any day!

Good  Evening just want to let everyone know the Fluke are here, there are lot’s of short’s but there are keeper’s mixed in!  You don’t need to go far at all to get them!  Porgies should be arriving very shortly they are in the area but just not feeding yet, we believe the water temperature […]


Blackfish are in the Middle Grounds…unfortunately we are closing for the season, but if you can get out there, go for it!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a blesses 2016!  Give us a call if you need anything we will be glad to help you out if we can!  We still do have bait and of course tackle!  631-473-2288    


Black Fish season is upon us and the blues and bass have finally showed up!

Good evening, just wanted to let everyone know that we are done with the boat rentals for this year and we will start up with them in the spring…just too much north winds kept them from getting out! The fishing is good right now for sea bass and black fish is starting and the blue […]