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Black Fish, Blues, Stripe Bass, Porgies and Sea Bass what a mix of fish!

Good Evening well the fish are here, all we need is the wind to slow down and turn out of the south instead of the north….there are plenty of porgies and sea bass out there and lot’s of false albacore too!  Black fish are starting to show and so are the blue fish and stripe […]


Columbus Day Weekend Fish are in thick at Old Field Point!

Just want everyone to know that the porgies and sea bass are in thick at Old Field Point and Crane Neck is good too, but not as good as Old Field! We have all the bait’s including green crabs…so if your off tomorrow (Columbus Day) get out there and fish because the weather is going […]


Porgies and Sea Bass are at Port Jefferson…got to get out there to get them!

The porgy and sea bass fishing is wonderful…you need to get out there…wishing everyone a very happy Labor Day Weekend….this picture show’s you what they did today and it doesn’t get much better then this…you can limit out..with porgies no problem….


Porgies, Sea Bass and schoolie blue fish and an occasional fluke!

Fishing has been fantastic, lot’s of porgies and sea bass and some 2 -3 lbl blue fish and some stripe bass….Wishing everyone a very Happy and safe Labor day….we have all the bait’s so get out there….summer is going by way too fast!


Porgie’s are in Port Jefferson, come and get them!

Porgie’s, sea bass, blues….Port Jefferson is the place to be…we even have an occasional keeper fluke…come visit us….the porgies are huge…


Porgie’s are still in Port Jefferson and will be through the fall!

Well this week we saw lot’s of porgies, the beginning of the week was a little slower pick of fish but now that the tide’s have slowed up and no more full moon the fishing is back to normal…the North wind’s made it a difficult weekend for fishing comfortably in the sound….but the porgies are […]


Port Jefferson is porgy city and plenty of sea bass too!

Get out and fish and enjoy the dog day’s of summer…not many days left to enjoy with the kids..we have boats to rent that are for family fun not just fishing…check us out!


Porgies, Fluke, Sea bass, blue’s and Stripe bass!

What a week, what a beautiful mixture of fish….can’t get much better…


Porgies are abundant in Port Jefferson…fluke, blues, bass and sea bass….

The fishing is wonderful, plenty of porgies at Old Field Point…..sea bass are around too and beautiful and delicious…saw some big blue fish this week caught with fresh bunker snagged off Flax Pond and also saw stripe bass up to 40 inches….come in and visit and we will tell you where to go….the boat rentals […]


Port Jefferson, Porgy city…and sea bass, blues, fluke and stripe bass!

Come on out to Port Jefferson the fishing is great….Lot’s of porgies right at Old Field Point and sea bass mixed in…still fluke by Mt. Misery not a lot of keeper’s but tons of fun and lot’s of action…Blues and Stripe bass are showing up and there are bunker around…give us a call and we’ll […]