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Plenty of Porgies and Sea Bass

This past Sunday was a great day of fishing for our rental boats and most private boats, lot’s of Porgies and Sea Bass being caught at Old Field Point and Crane Neck also some small cocktail blues as well..You have to get out there to catch them so come visit us!


Porgies are abundant & Sea bass

Porgies and Sea bass are abundant at Old Field Point and Crane’s inside or outside the bell buoy at Old Field..drifting seems to be the best…if your anchoring up make sure you chum..There are also cocktail blues and snappers around….look for bait or birds diving to find the blues!


Blue Fish, Seabass, & Porgies still good!

Good Evening, well I can not tell a lie! The fishing has been very weird the fish are not where they are suppose to be…that being said they are catching porgies and Sea Bass off of the Mt. Misery point off Belle Terre..the fishing at Old Field Point and Crane’s Neck has not been productive […]


Snapper’s have arrived!

Good morning, well it has been a quiet week down at the waterfront..not many people going out…I guess it is vacation time for most people, and they must be away! The fishing has been okay, porgies, sea bass some stripe bass in the harbor…not much with blue fish though..the rentals have been doing quite well […]


Stripebass still in the Harbor!

Good Evening, well what a beautiful day it is…we saw quite a few fish today and it was fun to see people out and about and happy at the end or the beginning of their day of fishing… We have stripebass still in the harbor¬† as still in the harbor on live bunker and we […]


A lot of Porgies inside the Harbor

We saw a lot of porgies yesterday and over the weekend from inside the harbor and Crane’s Neck and Old Field Point..I’m sure middle grounds is starting to get hot, with porgies and bass.. Everyone who entered our little contest over the weekend won a tee shirt.. There are still fluke around and keepers Kim […]