Fluke, Bass, Blue’s and porgies are all starting to show! Look’s like a good year ahead for Sea Bass once the Season Open’s!

IMG_0413Well Memorial Day Weekend is over and we had a few boat rentals out this weekend!  We saw fluke up to 5lbs, we saw some porgies, but nothing crazy yet and it should get better every week.  Blue’s jumping in the harbor and stripe bass are starting to show at Buoy 11 on diamond jigs and also trolling worms in the harbor and along the shore line outside the harbor, also popping plugs are working very well too! I hope everyone had a great weekend, to bad Monday had to rain, but it really wasn’t that bad out like we thought it was going to be!  Looking forward to a great fishing season this year!  People are seeing a lot of nice sea bass while fishing for the porgies and fluke, can’t wait till the season for them open’s on July 15th.

This nice 5lb fluke was caught on one of the boat rental’s along with two other keeper’s Saturday!