Porgy & Sea Bass fishing is fantastic and there are blue fish, stripe bass and fluke!


Ashley & Daniel Congratulation’s on your engagement today! Wishing you all the best in this life!

Well another great day out on the water, porgies are abundant and beautiful in size, the sea bass fishing in middle grounds is crazy with clams and there are bunker, blue fish and stripe bass around it can’t get much better then that except we are seeing numerous fluke come in and ranging from 3lbs to 10 lbs this week.  Richie Dunbar and Joe Gilner both had fluke over 6lbs and we weighed one in the middle of the week at 10 lbs.   I can’t say anything more then get out and fish, all the boat rentals are doing well with the porgies and sea bass and fluke as a side catch…We have all the bait’s just a slight shortage of worms this week.  come and visit us…to tope off our weekend we had someone rent the small pontoon boat today and ask his love of his life to marry him!  It was so exciting for us to be a part of Ashley and Daniel’s special  day!  Wishing them all the best for the rest of their lives…it doesn’t get much better then that!  Congratulations to them both and their family’s as well !

Rich Dunbar with his 6 1//4lb beautiful fluke today!

Rich Dunbar with his 6 1//4lb beautiful fluke today!


Joe Gilner with his 6lb fluke and 2 1/2lb sea bass and Joe had another keeper fluke today!