Port Jefferson a great place to fish or just enjoy the beautiful Harbor and scenery we have in this area!

Well hello again, it’s been a little while since I did an update on the fishing in our area and the boating!  The fact is the heat did me in and there was no energy left in me to come home and do a report which is sad…but the heat was a little too much for a little too long!

So I’m back with a nice fishing report we have porgies and sea bass at Old Field Point either anchoring up and chumming or just drifting if it isn’t too windy…We also are seeing the boat’s come in with some fluke as a by catch and nice size ones at that…There are also plenty of sea robin’s and lot’s of bunker and some blue fish also.  We have a beautiful area for fishing and we also have a beautiful harbor to hang out in and swim and climb the bluff’s in Pirates Cove with the kid’s..For our boat rental customer’s we have a mooring in the cove close to the beach for swimming and just hanging out on one of the pontoon boat’s and eating lunch and have a drink or two!  The scenery of the magnificent home’s in the area is unbelievable and makes for a great day even on one of the fishing boat’s if your not into pontoon boat’s…Looking forward to seeing a lot of new people, because summer is coming to an end and school is starting very soon and most college’s are all ready back to the grind..Enjoy the rest of your summer..We have all the bait’s for fishing and we have seine net’s and little scoop net’s for the kid’s so stop and on by and pay us a visit!IMG_0542 IMG_0534