Port Jefferson is Porgy City and a lot of other fish as well!

Brain Martin with his 10 lb fluke first double digit fluke weighed in by me this year and a beautiful stripe bass tipping the scale at 25lbs. What a time he had fishing!

Well summer is here, the porgies are in and are beautiful and the sea bass are here as well along with stripe bass and blues and still seeing fluke!  As a matter of fact weighed in my first double digit fluke this morning, which tipped the scale at 10 lbs and also a nice stripe bass weighing in at 25lbs.  We have all the bait’s spearing, worms, clams, eels  and fresh bunker and chum!  All the tackle you need and we also have clam rakes, clam knives and seine net’s and almost anything else you can think of.  Come and visit us the pontoon boat’s are waiting for you to go enjoy a day in the harbor swimming and climbing the bluffs in pirate’s cove and just enjoying a hot day on the water being refreshed and making memories with your family!