Well the summer weather is here, so get out there! Fluke, Porgies, Blue Fish and Stripe Bass and plenty of Sea bass to come on June 27th!!!

Good Evening well the fish are here and the porgies are moving into the Old Field Area for the summer and some nice size one’s as well!  Also plenty of fluke, lot’s of short’s and some beautiful keeper’s too!  Also some cocktail bluefish and some beautiful stripe bass as well up to 25lbs weighed in at our store!  We have all the bait’s so come on out and enjoy a day on the water and go home with a nice dinner for the family!  It only get’s better from this point on!!  Fluke and Porgies are here!  We do tip repair’s on site and we also have all the bait and tackle you need and we have the best spearing on the north shore!  We also have rod’s and reel combo’s which are reasonably priced and net’s and clam rakes and clam knives and oyster knives which aren’t available at the big stores!  So come and visit us we have been in business since 1951 so we know what we are talking about!